Selling your home can be an pleasurable experience. At Heather Guild Group, we aim to take the stress and worry away from each Client, so they can focus on the fun of moving. We have assembled a series of valuable tools and resources, designed to help you have a seamless selling experience!

Complete Our Initial Questionnaire
Share with us the story of your current home: why you love it, updates and changes you’ve made, and anything you’d like us to know as we begin marketing your home.

Review the Basics of Selling
Next, review the basics of home selling. We have compiled a variety of information designed to prepare you for a successful selling experience!

Use Our Home Staging Checklist
Presenting your home in a clean and organized way is key to successful selling. Download and print our comprehensive Home Staging Checklist to guide you along the way.

Moving Checklist
Download and print our well-designed Moving Checklist!  We are hopeful that completing our Moving Checklist will help you to have a seamless moving process.

Review our Preferred Vendors
Whether you’re searching for an Interior Designer or Painter, our Preferred Vendor list is sure to provide you with a vendor who will exceed your expectations!

Complete the Seller’s Pre-Closing Questionnaire
In order to facilitate a smooth closing, please complete our seller’s pre-closing questionnaire.

Complete Our Seller’s Post-Closing Questionnaire
After you’ve closed on your brand new home, please take a moment to complete our Post-Closing Questionnaire.  We would love to learn more about how you enjoyed our service.