Agent Spotlight :: Valerie Caddell

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It’s Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Week, and our entire team is thrilled to celebrate the teachers, school staff and nurses that make such an amazing impact in our kids’ lives! Our own Valerie Caddell worked for fifteen years as a nurse before changing careers. She spent part of that time as a school nurse, working in the lives of children each and every day. What better way to celebrate this week than to hear from one of our own team member’s experience and how it correlates into her role now, as realtor?! Our marketing team sat down to do a little Q&A with Valerie below…

What was your favorite part of being a school nurse and why?
The schedule! I had an infant when I started working for the school. I loved having more time to be a mom on the weekends, winter and spring breaks, and enjoying summers off with my family. Another big bonus…all the kids in our school were amazing! I really had to use all my nursing skills as well as learn new ones. I enjoyed being able to teach the students how to be in charge of their diseases: teaching them how to test blood sugar, draw up and inject insulin, how to manage their highs and lows. Most kids come see the nurse with a tummy ache or needing ice for an injury, but there are also a lot of high and critical need kids in school.

What skills did you learn working in a school that have helped you in your role as a realtor?
Communication skills. You have to learn how to translate the professional speak into terms that are easily understood. Over the fifteen years I spent as a nurse, I learned lots of ways to better articulate to my patients what was going on and what to expect. I think it's really important to be able to explain things without overwhelming your patient, client, or customer, with too much professional jargon.

Was being a school nurse harder than being a realtor & why?
The hardest part of being a nurse is seeing someone suffer. Most of the time in real estate, I am helping people fulfill a need--whether it's buying, selling, or renting. Accomplishing that is great fun for me, and it is very joyful for the client. As a school nurse, I saw kids who lacked the support of a stable home environment which sometimes manifested itself as poor hygiene, poor nutrition, and/or poor behavior. I'm so thankful for the nurses, teachers, and counselors who are saving these kids every day. 

What are the best teacher gifts you got and what are the worst?
Best: Gift cards, hands down, are the best gift!!

Worst: Mugs--so many mugs! They are handy, but there are only so many one needs! 

What are a couple of ways that parents can best support teachers and staff in schools?
My mom always said, "It's better for your kids to be angels at school and devils at home." So, with that in mind, I always encourage kids to use good manners--especially at school.  

Thank you, Valerie, for sharing and to all our teachers, school staff and nurses that support and educate our children on a daily basis!!!